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Hundreds of carefully categorized obstetric and gynecology ultrasound prints, photos and clips uploaded from daily practice. No better way to build online ultrasound experience. Many illustrations, basic scan techniques, tips and hints to avoid missing important findings.

Unlike most ultrasound literature which is based on images that are enhanced and "so clear" (this is not the case when you start running your own practice), this site is based on  "real-life scans" so you can build up real experience.













Membership is currently free .



Being a member allows you to enlarge images (after all it is an image gallery !!), view description and detailed explanation of the image / clip displayed, it allows you also to post comments or questions on any image or clip, you have the oprion to use lightbox, email image to a friend, upload your own images and clips (subject to approval by admin) edit your images and post your description.

Membership combines the best of a book and the best of a website;

- The best of a can have your free copy

- The best of a website;

* Dynamic content with continuous updates and improvements, it grows as a web but does not become old as a book does !!!

* Always in high resolution not subject to "wear and tear"

* You get to carry it around even on your cell phone


It is significantly cheaper

and yes...

It is free

and yes

What you see is less than what you get as more images and clips are added regularly

Being a member is exactly as if you bought a book with pages added to the book continuously


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